World-Class Professional Services for Corrections.

Syscon’s project experience includes :

  • Five-year, multi-stage delivery to 132 sites for a national prison service, with an onsite project team of more than 40 people
  • Remote project delivery for various US state and county agencies
  • Successful implementations in developing areas
  • Eight-year, multi-stage delivery for the largest jail system in the world
  • Complex sentence calculation projects in multiple jurisdictions in Canadian, Australian, American, and English legal systems

Are you using our Offender Management System to its full potential? We help agencies discover business processes that could be improved using parts of our software they underutilize, and to quantify the benefit of doing so. Start with a free consultation.

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"Our goal is to ensure our customers continue to get the most effective use of our functionality, as circumstances change and new needs arise."

Kerry Lynn,
Executive Vice President



We value our clients’ long-term success. 75% of Syscon clients have been working with us for over 10 years.

Offender Management System Optimization

Our Corrections Solutions Consultants are always available to work with your agency, offering our in-depth knowledge, experience and best practices to review the OMS application in production in your agency to identify opportunities for improvement.


Annual Impact of Technology Assessment – Corrections business experts lead your team in a workshop to identify new pressures on your agency, identify solutions and technology gaps, and quantify the impact of addressing these issues using software you already own.

Business Process Study – Corrections business experts analyze how your IT systems are currently being used within the context of your business, including understanding of your policies and business processes. This includes analysis of your Offender Management business processes to ensure optimal usage and functional coverage. Upon completion of the business process study, recommendations are provided in a detailed report to address ways in which the system can be reconfigured or implemented to better meet business requirements. It may identify business process areas that would benefit from change and areas where training opportunities may exist.

Training – Training experts work with your business users to identify training opportunities and produce training plans, programs and course materials. Or, trainers can provide specific functional areas of training.

Configuration Services – Corrections business and product experts perform configuration changes that result from business process study. Includes training for system administrators.

Business Process Re-Engineering –When recommendations indicate business process changes, we will engage client business experts in a strategic change management roll out. Our Corrections business experts will provide change management support to implement efficiencies and process changes with a structured plan.

Managed Services – Ongoing administration of some or all aspects of your Offender Management Solution to protect your investment and keep your operations running efficiently. Our experienced team of associates will work with you to find the right administrative services for your agency.