World-Class Professional Services for Corrections.

Syscon’s project experience includes :

  • Eight-year, multi-stage delivery to 132 sites for a national prison service, with an onsite project team of more than 40 people
  • Remote project delivery for various US state and county agencies
  • Successful implementations in developing areas
  • Five-year, multi-stage delivery for the largest jail system in the world
  • Complex sentence calculation projects in multiple jurisdictions in Canadian, Australian, American, and English legal systems

"Without effective integration of systems, agencies are burdened with manual data entry and errors, which become barriers to improvement."

Brian Day, Director of Solution Development

We value our clients’ long-term success. 75% of Syscon clients have been working with us for over 10 years.

Corrections Data Integration and Interfaces

Syscon helps agencies eliminate duplicate data entry and manual data exchange – reducing the risk of dangerous data errors and speeding up daily operations. We enable your teams and agency partners to work across IT systems by providing interfaces and advocating for DOJ, NIEM, and ACA data exchange standards. We understand data, we understand Corrections, we have a library of interfaces between our systems and common Corrections systems and we have the skills to build new ones.

Interoperability and Interface Consultation

We help agencies discover business processes that could be improved by connecting disparate systems and data together. Then we build interfaces to make it happen.
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