World-Class Professional Services for Corrections.

Syscon’s project experience includes :

  • Five-year, multi-stage delivery to 132 sites for a national prison service, with an onsite project team of more than 40 people
  • Remote project delivery for various US state and county agencies
  • Successful implementations in developing areas
  • Eight-year, multi-stage delivery for the largest jail system in the world
  • Complex sentence calculation projects in multiple jurisdictions in Canadian, Australian, American, and English legal systems

"Technology for technology’s sake makes no sense. But once we integrate the right mobile devices into the right aspects of our daily work, and the back-end systems, we look back and wonder how we ran our agencies without mobile devices."

Andrew Eastgaard, Chief Solutions Architect

We value our clients’ long-term success. 75% of Syscon clients have been working with us for over 10 years.

Mobility and Devices

From mobile phones to tablets, to kiosks, from barcode scanners to RFID, from imaging to biometrics scanners – Syscon has seen it all. We know how to integrate it all in to your Offender Management System.

Kiosks –ask us how offenders can use kiosks or tablets as part of rehabilitation programs, with commissary and trust, to submit grievances, and access limited information about themselves.

Imaging and biometrics – ask us how cameras, fingerprint scanners, and other devices can be integrated with business processes around booking, release, housing and gang affiliation.

Tablets – ask us how Corrections officers and case workers can use tablets to access offender information while not at their desk, update facility counts and offender records

RFID and barcode scanners – ask us how barcodes and RFID swipes can automate documented cell checks, inventory counts and commissary processes

The next evolution of mobility and devices – we see new and innovative proposed uses of technology from wearable cameras to remote monitoring to video visitation and we understand how these tools can be integrated seamlessly with Offender Management Systems. We recognize the ongoing march of technology and we’re ready to help you integrate the next revolutionary device into your agency.

Get Out From Behind the Desk

We help agencies discover business processes that could be improved by integrating mobile devices, tablets, kiosks, RFID, barcode scanners, and other devices into Offender Management Systems workflow.
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