World-Class Professional Services for Corrections.

Syscon’s project experience includes :

  • Five-year, multi-stage delivery to 132 sites for a national prison service, with an onsite project team of more than 40 people
  • Remote project delivery for various US state and county agencies
  • Successful implementations in developing areas
  • Eight-year, multi-stage delivery for the largest jail system in the world
  • Complex sentence calculation projects in multiple jurisdictions in Canadian, Australian, American, and English legal systems

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"We do what we say we are going to do, and when the going gets tough we will do what’s necessary for success"

Bob Kolysher, VP Product Management

We value our clients’ long-term success. 75% of Syscon clients have been working with us for over 10 years.

World-Class Corrections Professional Services

Syscon has demonstrated proficiency for meeting diverse requirements and challenges with dependable, long-lasting, powerful solutions. Unlike software vendors, Syscon’s commitment to client success lasts well beyond an Offender Management System implementation.

Our world-class Corrections professional services team supports our Offender Management Systems with business analysis and optimization, software implementation, training, project management, customization and technical support. We are a global leader in implementing, training, optimizing, and reconfiguring Offender Management Solutions.

We offer you best practices and innovation from decades of solving challenges very similar to yours – Syscon solutions manage more than 250,000 offenders in over 400 secure facilities in six countries on four continents. Our team is made up of former Corrections officers with experience in various operational and management positions, as well as skilled project managers, business analysts, and technical resources with extensive corrections implementations experience.

Our 35 years of exclusive focus on the needs of Corrections at the prison, jail and community levels centers on extending the value of existing technology investments and de-risking new projects. We can help you reduce risk today and prepare to accommodate tomorrow’s regulatory changes.

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