Continuous evolution of industry leading Offender
Management Software products, proven over decades.

Syscon delivers solutions using a breadth and depth of integrated Offender Management Software functionality proven over 35 years of history in state, local, community and national Corrections agencies around the world. We deliver functional capabilities that are unmatched by any other Offender Management Software product.

The experience, industry knowledge and customer input that has gone into our products, combined with our ongoing commitment to forward progress, means Syscon will continue to lead the industry for decades to come.


Evolutionary Product Investment

Syscon continues to advance its enterprise-class integrated Offender Management Software products. Find out how we are working with clients and other partners to enhance Elite for tomorrow’s technology opportunities and ongoing Corrections reform.
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"In developing and evolving Syscon's OMS solutions our focus is very clear. The Solutions Delivery Group must develop, implement and support dependable, powerful solutions that meet the requirements and challenges of our Corrections customers as they exist today and as they will evolve in the months and years ahead."

Kerry Lynn,
Executive Vice President

Integrated OMS - Continuity of Care

The full integration of institution and community data and functionality within Elite provides a real-time, 360 degree view of offender information related to all aspects of the offender’s supervision and treatment. This supports multi-modal through-care across the whole inmate lifecycle.
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Elite Offender Management Solutions

Elite Corrections management solutions are used to streamline the complete set of processes around millions of offenders worldwide. Proven over billions of transactions, Elite has the pre-built functionality to manage almost any Corrections process.

Elite is the premier Offender Management and Community Corrections Management platform for the largest Corrections agencies in the world. With unmatched reliability and depth of functionality, Elite empowers Corrections officers to get the job done fast and done right.

  • Proven to work in the most demanding environments for decades
  • Breadth of functionality covering every process
  • Depth of functionality within each process
  • Reliability – always on, for decades
  • Performance – handling thousands of users with ease
  • Integrated OMS – one platform, one view of offenders and programs across multiple agencies, facilities and caseloads.

The Elite product family features products tailored to the needs of prisons, jails, probation and parole, and inmate finance – all on one platform. Elite is built for Integrated Offender Management (IOMS), Collaborative Case Management and Joined-Up Justice. Our solutions give Corrections officers and case workers complete and accurate information, and enforce processes that keep them safe.


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Syscon jail management solutions (JMS) handle billions of complex, high-volume transactions in the largest jails in five countries. Read More >>

The system of choice for trust accounting and commissary management across our client base. Read More >>

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