Connected to the Corrections Profession and dedicated to its advancement..


Syscon believes in taking an ecosystem approach to delivering the solutions that the global corrections profession requires.

  • Technology – We are committed to working with leading hardware and software vendors to ensure delivery of an efficient, cost-effective solution for our clients. Across our client base, we have numerous examples of successful integration with vendors for imaging and biometrics, video visitation, and kiosks. We embrace and contribute to the standards that support the full justice spectrum, including the Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) and the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).
  • Best Practices – We are committed to working with professional bodies and associations to define, understand, and implement best practices for corrections. We actively participate in conferences and forums of leading organizations to ensure an open, consistent dialogue for the advancement of the corrections profession.

"An ecosystem approach is really the only way to effectively deliver a solution for Corrections. By staying focused on our core competencies, and taking an integration-centric approach to software design, we ensure our ability to meet our client’s demands, intelligently and efficiently."

Kerry Lynn Executive Vice President

Strategic Associations

Syscon Justice Systems has partnered with leading organizations that are committed to the advancement of the global Corrections profession. We support their efforts to deliver the latest thinking in technology and best business practices, and participate as often as possible in idea-sharing forums and industry events.

IJIS Institute

The IJIS Institute is a US-based non-profit organization that brings together industry and government in an effort to promote the advancement of national information sharing standards across all levels of the justice, public safety, Corrections and Homeland Security communities. Syscon Justice Systems is proud to be a member of IJIS. We help to serve the Institute through participation on the Technical Advisory Committee for Corrections.

Corrections Technology Association

The Corrections Technology Association (CTA) is a public, US-based non-profit network of professionals actively involved in leveraging technology in the field of Corrections. Members of the association consist primarily of Chief Information Officers, IT Directors and operational and administrative staff from State and Provincial Departments of Correction, as well as from Federal, county and local correctional agencies.

Since 1999 CTA has provided a forum to promote exchange of information, experience and knowledge among correctional agencies. Through the years, the association has actively led development of standards and promoted collaboration and sharing of data and systems across states. CTA's annual Technology Summit offers its members an unsurpassed opportunity to learn of new technologies and, above all else, affords Corrections technologists the opportunity to network with their peers.

Syscon Justice Systems is a proud supporter of the CTA and its mission, and serves as the business partner representative on the CTA Executive Committee.