Connected to the Corrections Profession and dedicated to its advancement.


Syscon serves the global Corrections profession and delivers actionable information to help clients run better agencies and ensure public safety. Our team commitment to:

  • Fully understand the project requirements for every client, and deliver a quality solution on time and within budget
  • Provide the profession with leadership in offender management through delivery of technology innovation and standards-based software solutions
  • Ensure the recruitment and retention of, and regular consultation with, experienced Corrections professionals to ensure our solutions provide best practices and meet mission-critical needs in a complex market.

"Syscon provides reliable, scalable solutions for Corrections. We have experienced former Corrections officers on staff who help us in everything we do. We are focused on providing Offender Management Systems – this is all we do."

Kerry Lynn,

Executive Vice President

Our Story

Syscon Justice Systems continues to advance Corrections and Offender Management Solutions in partnership with our clients for over 35 years. The largest, busiest and most complex Corrections agencies in the world rely on Syscon Justice Systems and our Offender Management Systems in their mission to reduce risk and make an impact on public safety. Together, we face new challenges constantly and readily adapt to a changing Corrections environment – using our unrivalled Corrections expertise and a breadth and depth of integrated Offender Management Software solutions proven over decades.

We are intent on empowering Corrections professionals with practical solutions that support the Corrections mission – upholding public safety, enforcing prisoner rights, supporting rehabilitation and reducing crime.
We sincerely believe that by providing a better product we can help make the system safe, efficient and improve people’s lives.

We are committed to continuous examination of the problems facing Corrections and providing solutions in an industry experiencing accelerating change on multiple levels – from technological evolution through ongoing Corrections reform.

The company is privately held, and has offices in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.