National Corrections Services

Syscon understands National Corrections. If your enterprise faces an offender management challenge, we’ve already solved it.

Our Approach.

Proven offender management solutions for national correctional services. The world’s largest implementation – National Offender Management Service in England and Wales. Africa’s only national OMS – Tanzania Prisons Service. Each with unique legal/jurisdictional requirements.

  • Dedicated project teams, on-site as required – comprised of project managers, business analysts, and technical, documentation, and quality assurance specialists. Each team with constant, in-house access to experienced corrections domain experts.
  • Careful, rigorous requirements analysis to ensure full understanding of your needs, and leverage our best practices know-how from around the world.
  • Sound technology advice to convey your options for standard product, custom functionality, and legacy and/or third-party integration.
  • Comprehensive project plans and timelines, with a commitment to deliver solutions on time and within budget.
  • Ongoing support, maintenance, and product roadmaps to ensure system performance and long-term fit with your evolving requirements.

National Corrections Services

We know National Corrections.

In many countries around the globe, correctional services are organized under a single government entity. From detention through incarceration and release, every aspect of offender management is driven by one professional service. Not surprisingly, they are some of the most complex enterprises in government, often subject to constant public scrutiny. Multiple facilities spread across wide geographies, from minimum security to maximum. Collectively home to tens of thousands of offenders, many of whom are sentenced for long-term stays. Provisions must be made for health care, vocational opportunities, and treatment programs for every one of them.

National correctional services oversee multi-billion dollar businesses. They require proven, enterprise-class solutions that streamline business processes and drive efficiency into every facet of operations. All within highly secure environments and complex legal systems. They require partners who not only understand every detail of process, but are committed to delivering sophisticated, innovative solutions to the ever-evolving challenges of offender management.

Syscon Justice Systems is that partner. We help national correctional services understand who they have incarcerated, and how they need to be managed. We have been providing comprehensive offender management solutions for more than 30 years. Solutions on four different continents for some of the most complex correctional environments in the industry.

Managing offender information in a national correctional system requires a full understanding of the entire process, from intake through release, and myriad points in between. Syscon understands the practical realities of large-scale corrections in every detail, and has become expert in some of the most difficult aspects of prison management, such as legal sentence calculation. 

Our purpose-built software and professional services, with guidance from subject matter experts who have worked in large state and national corrections capacities, combine to deliver a rich, flexible solution. A solution which can be tailored to the complexities of your environment.

Offender management solutions from Syscon have been selected by the National Offender Management Service for England and Wales, and Tanzania Prisons Service to provide system-wide coverage of their corrections operations. Around the world, in the United States, in Canada and Australia, Syscon has become the offender management solution of choice for some of the largest and most complex corrections agencies. Long-term, multi-phase solutions that evolve with each agency and state-of-the-art practices. So that professionals can manage their complex environments intelligently and efficiently.

If your nation’s corrections enterprise is facing a complex challenge, chances are that Syscon has already solved it.