Community Corrections

Syscon understands Community Corrections. If your enterprise faces an offender management challenge, we’ve already solved it.

Our Approach.

Proven offender management solutions for community corrections. Thirteen major community management projects. Successful implementations three countries, at county, state, and provincial levels. Each with unique legal/jurisdictional requirements.

  • Dedicated project teams – comprised of project managers, business analysts, and technical, documentation, and quality assurance specialists. Each team with constant, in-house access to experienced corrections domain experts.
  • Careful, rigorous requirements analysis to ensure full understanding of your needs, and leverage our best practices know-how from around the world.
  • Sound technology advice to convey your options for standard product, custom functionality, and legacy and/or third-party integration.
  • Comprehensive project plans and timelines, with a commitment to deliver solutions on time and within budget.
  • Ongoing support, maintenance, and product roadmaps to ensure system performance and long-term fit with your evolving requirements.

Community Corrections

We know Community Corrections.

For many offenders, only a portion of their sentences is served in an institutional setting. Under certain conditions and supervision, part of their debt is served in the community. It is how society wants it – careful, gradual release from incarceration to life beyond the walls as a contributing member of the community.

Managing that process, and enabling society’s goals, falls to community corrections professionals. It is seldom smooth, never easy, and the typical caseload is staggering. For each offender, risk assessments must be completed, programs established, milestones defined and measured. Numerous, ever-changing regulations and copious documentation are simply part of the landscape. All with limited budgets, and insufficient staffs.

Syscon Justice Systems understands the mission of community corrections as well as its unique challenges. Our community management software and professional services, with guidance from subject matter experts who have worked in community corrections capacities, combine to deliver a rich, flexible solution. A solution which can be tailored to the practical realities and unique legal complexities of your environment.

Community corrections solutions from Syscon have been selected by numerous agencies, large and small, in numerous cities, counties, states, provinces and countries. Long-term, multi-phase solutions that evolve with the agency and state-of-the-art practices. So society’s goals have a chance of coming true.

If your community corrections enterprise is facing a complex challenge, chances are that Syscon has already solved it.