Syscon understands Corrections. If your agency faces an offender management challenge, there's a strong possibility we’ve solved one just like it.

Syscon works with existing and prospective customers to create long-lasting partnerships centered on solving new challenges and adapting to a changing Corrections environment. Syscon’s commitment to client success lasts beyond an Offender Management System implementation. We are committed to continuous examination of the problems facing Corrections and providing solutions in an industry that is experiencing accelerating change on multiple levels.

Over 35 years, we have encountered complex, mission critical problems facing Corrections agencies at every level – community, county, state, provincial, and national. We partner with our clients to provide effective solutions using a technology platform proven over decades, unrivalled Corrections expertise and an in-depth understanding of Corrections business processes and technology. We solve real problems for some of the largest Corrections agencies around the world:

  • Offender and Inmate management solutions
  • Community Corrections, probation and parole solutions
  • Integrated, multi-modal community and incarceration solutions
  • Empowering agencies with ‘Big Data’, for evidence based Corrections practices

"We are committed to building long term trusting relationships with our clients that help them to be successful."

Bob Kolysher
VP, Product Management

Partners for Today’s Corrections Challenges

Re-entry Integrating Institution and Community

Recidivism ranges between 39% and 52% in the UK, USA, Japan, and Australia. Norway has only 20% recidivism. Some countries, states/provinces have posted 10%-20% reductions in recidivism after investing in evidence based, individualized and multi-modal solutions combining community and incarceration. (

Many Corrections agencies see the need to integrate more closely with community, local and state agencies, law enforcement, courts and health services. Whether you are aiming to reduce recidivism, improve efficiency or reduce errors: we have the tools the build the connections, a platform for shared data and the Corrections expertise to partner with you on building a solution for your agencies. Our solutions share data and foster collaboration in key business processes including: case plans, case notes risk-needs assessments and program referrals for ultimate continuity of care. We have 20 years of experience with clients at the provincial/state level managing re-entry and continuity of care over the whole inmate lifecycle.

Monitoring and Optimizing Business

"The largest impact on prison budgets comes from changing sentencing and release policy." (Vera 2012)

We understand that you need to do more, with less, with changing rules and new risks. We are ready to partner with you to gather data for analysis of cost saving measures. Syscon has developed software and industry-leading expertise for managing the ever changing rules for sentence calculation.

Reducing risk of litigation

Every year, approximately 1.25% of the nation’s incarcerated population sues over violation of civil rights (BJS 2013). 39% of those suits will take more than a year to resolve (BJS 2013) and 53% of cases are awarded against the Corrections agency (BJS 2005).

Our clients have been through lawsuits. If, your are concerned about litigation, we can help. We understand how to implement effective case notes, shift logs, reports and audit trails so your agency is well prepared to defend its actions.

Adapting to Regulatory Change

"The challenges of operating a prison system in a constantly changing legal environment with an unpredictable population is not unlike running a hotel with little control over how many guests check in and check out or how long they stay." Bob Walsh, 24 year veteran of the California Department of Corrections at Deuel Vocational Institution located near Tracy, California.

Change is inevitable. We are ready to examine with you the impact of a regulatory change on your business processes and how they can be supported by your offender management systems. We are ready to help you gather data to measure compliance.

Extending IT lifespan

"The overwhelming majority of RFPs for Offender Management Systems state technology obsolescence as the reason for replacement."- Ron Payne, Senior Product Specialist, Syscon Justice Systems

How can you get the most out of your aging technology infrastructure? Unlike software vendors, Syscon’s commitment to client success lasts beyond an Offender Management System implementation. 75% of our clients have been working with us for more than 10 years. We are ready to work with you on enhancements, upgrades, customizations and integrations with new technologies that extend and maximize your investment.

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