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EliteFINANCIALS from Syscon delivers precision, efficiency, and confidence for inmate trust and commissary requirements. As part of the proven suite of offender management solutions from Syscon, EliteFINANCIALS integrates seamlessly with EliteJAILS, ElitePRISONS, and EliteCOMMUNITY. It can also be run as a standalone application for integration with your existing applications. Integration with kiosk-based commissary processes drives further efficiency into your operation.

EliteFINANCIALS is a powerful, customizable double-entry GAAP-compliant accounting system. With nearly two decades of successful operation in the largest and most complex county, state and provincial jurisdictions in three countries, EliteFINANCIALS offers a modular system that meets every test of reliability and data integrity.

EliteFINANCIALS ensures that everything an offender should pay gets paid – debts, fines, restitution, Pay-for-Stay charges, commissary bills, medical fees and co-pays, supervision fees, and more. Extensive, flexible obligation tracking and payment plans follow an inmate from facility to facility with no additional staff effort. Inmate obligations are fully integrated with comprehensive inmate banking, commissary management and inmate payroll functionality.

Easy and accurate input, task-oriented navigation and instant access to critical data and reports – EliteFINANCIALS delivers the performance and reliability your agency demands.

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Core components of EliteFINANCIALS

Trust Accounting – Powerful GAAP-compliant accounting software, purpose-built for correctional use. Delivers a wide range of flexibility for set up and administration of trust accounting systems, including complex obligation calculation logic. Multiple sub-accounts can be created (e.g. spending, savings, gate accounts) to reflect different ways of managing funds. The Trust Accounting engine is the backbone of the Elite Commissary and Elite Inmate Payroll modules.

Commissary – Manages centralized operations and stand-alone canteens. The system performs checks for restrictions and processes inmate purchases in real time. Provides institutions with a canteen operating system that is fully integrated with the Trust Accounting module. Agencies can process inmate purchases in real-time via direct debits to individual inmate’s trust account, or process refunds. Commissary management personnel can access relevant inmate data, such as indigent status, availability of funds to cover purchases, sanctions that deny commissary access, purchasing limits for certain items, diet restrictions, and prohibited tobacco sales.

Inventory Control – Administers complete inventory management, allowing for the production of accurate financial statements on demand. The module also controls inventory, through a perpetual inventory system that continually tracks the precise number of units of each product. Inventory is valued at average cost.

Inmate Payroll – Calculates wages for inmate work programs, automatically credits the relevant trust accounts, and makes tax deductions as required. Allows for pay differentials among inmate workers. The formula for calculating wages is modifiable to account for different methods of wage calculation. Modifications include daily or hourly wages, wage amount per unit, frequency of payroll calculation, standard number of hours in a payroll period, pay ranges and special compensation levels (regular, overtime, sick).

Security – On-demand financial statement capabilities establish a clear audit trail of dollars and goods through printed documentation of every transaction.

Community Financials – A comprehensive, GAAP-compliant double-entry accounting system, tailored specifically for community Corrections requirements. Tracks all non-incarcerated offender financial obligations (and those inmates with external obligations), and offers complete flexibility for handling of cash receipts and disbursements. Includes recording and tracking of all court-ordered payments, fines, and cost-of-supervision invoices levied against a client in the probation system.

Reports – Provides a full range of standard accounting and auditing reports. Enables easy creation of customized forms and reports.

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