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Elite empowers agencies to manage the whole inmate lifecycle from probation, release/re-entry, parole, multi-modal programs and case planning – all from a common platform. EliteCOMMUNITY from Syscon is a proven case management, parole and probation software. It performs many of its functions automatically, following the specific process flows that you have determined. EliteCOMMUNITY delivers the information you need – when you need it.


EliteCOMMUNITY is built to meet the exacting requirements of today’s community supervision, probation and parole agencies. Including intelligent workflow, enhanced navigation, and dynamic reporting, your business processes are at the center of our parole and probation software design.

Designed on a common platform and data model, EliteCOMMUNITY integrates seamlessly with EliteJAILS or ElitePRISONS software. By leveraging a common offender database and automating repetitive tasks, EliteCOMMUNITY enables an integrated approach to offender management across community and custodial Corrections – empowering agencies to consider recidivism from a population and individual perspective.

Bridging Community and Custodial Corrections

Syscon continues to advance its enterprise-class integrated Offender Management Software products. We are committed to improving and expanding the way community and custodial Corrections systems work together.
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Core Components of EliteCommunity

Intake – The Elite Intake module performs client intake/registration and discharge (“opening and closing contacts”), and keeps a fully searchable central contact history file of all client records on the system, active or inactive.

Legal cases – The Elite Legal Orders (Sentences & Requests) module is used to track and record all legal events surrounding a client’s legal case. Legal events may include arrests, district attorney reviews, court appearances, sentences or any other kind of related event your agency might need to track.

Programs & services – maintain a resource directory of all available programs and providers, refer and place probationers and parolees, handle client scheduling for assigned programs. Track attendance, progress and completion against user-defined objectives and measurement criteria.

Community service programs – specialty functionality for probationers and parolees with community service orders. Place individuals in projects and track hours worked/credited/outstanding.

Paper file tracking – The module tracks the whereabouts of original client paper documents. Paper files are stored against the client’s unique ID number, not the Contact number. Each file is identified by type and sub-type (agency definable) and by a series of numbers.

Workload management – The Elite Workload Management module assigns or re-assigns clients and their associated work to staff members at community offices. Once an offender record is active as a community contact and sentences or requests have been administered, client work can be assigned to any staff member at any location.

Classification & Case Management – Questionnaire-based classification and assessment tool, plus imprisonment status, case note recording, substance abuse testing, disciplinary or other segregation status, primary officer assignment, and case plan program recommendations.

Case Management – Elite allows community Corrections supervisors to effectively monitor each client. Elite’s extensive suite of case management tools includes assessments, case planning, case notes/contact log, scheduling and substance abuse monitoring.

Case Planning –The primary purpose of a case plan in Elite is to outline rehabilitation goals for each client and the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve each goal. In some cases, a goal is set for a client in order to demonstrate that he/she is meeting the conditions of the sentence.

Integrated Word Processing – Elite’s Integrated Word Processing seamlessly integrates Microsoft Word with the Elite database to produce client-specific documents commonly used by supervisory agencies.

Reports – are vital to the efficient management and functioning of supervising agencies. The Elite system includes a number of standard operational and management reports.

Image capture – The Elite Imaging module is fully integrated into Elite and requires no imaging subsystem. Multiple images of clients (face, profile, physical marks) can be recorded using a standard video or digital camera and color monitor.

Community Financials – Syscon EliteCOMMUNITY Financials is a GAAP-compliant comprehensive financial management tool that manages and tracks all offender/client obligations, including restitution payments and child support payments.

Pre-Sentence Investigation (for probation) – tools for the production of court ordered pre-sentence reports.

Sanctions & Violations – graduated rewards or reprimands for offender behavior and business processes for violation proceedings for re-incarceration. Tools to write reports and record hearing dates with parole board or courts.

Gangs & Strategic Threat Groups – Versatile gang management and monitoring module including effective program referrals.

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