Elite Medical

Know who you have incarcerated.
And how you need to manage them.

More jails and prisons in more countries manage more offenders with software from Syscon. More than any other.

  • 6 countries
  • 15 states and provinces
  • 12 counties
  • More than 500 secure facilities
  • Over 86,000 users
  • Over 430,000 offenders

Elite Medical

Know who. And how™

Managing an individual’s medical needs on the outside is hard enough. But in a busy, high-volume corrections environment, managing offender medical issues presents challenges that can strain any staff. Challenges that cannot be ignored or mismanaged without significant risk to the offender, to care givers, to corrections officers, and the community. To ensure the offender receives the right treatment in a secure manner requires the sophistication of an electronic medical records system, tailored for the practical realities of correctional institution.

Elite Medical from Syscon delivers sophisticated electronic medical records functionality, purpose-built for corrections. Elite Medical quickly identifies patients and problems that might otherwise fall through the cracks of a busy facility, while the integrated intake process ensures that there are no "lost" admissions or duplicate records.

Elite Medical assists your operation’s compliance with NCCHC and ACA medical standards. It enables efficient communication between agency management and medical staff. All in a manner that ensures offender privacy and staff security.

Imagine having three months of finger sticks available at the push of a button. Imagine checking for medication compliance without having to grab the MARs. With Elite Medical, efficient process becomes the norm.

Scheduling functionality is integrated with Elite Jails and Elite Prisons to ensure that internal or external medical appointments do not conflict with existing court appointments or scheduled programs. Inmates can be tracked throughout the facility in real time. Plus, Elite Medical is designed to integrate software applications in your environment. With Syscon’s enterprise-class DOJ-compliant XML functionality, data exchange is capabilities are fully integrated.

Medical efficiency amid institutional complexity. Elite Medical understands the realities of corrections.

Core components of Elite Medical include:

Initial Health Screening – Allows users to complete online intake questionnaires and record vitals for newly admitted offenders. Allows full flexibility for entering health history, mental health and physical evaluations, oral screening and STD testing. The visual observations, questions and answers are fully definable by the administrator, and medical alerts can be triggered automatically.

Health Summary – Provides the user with an at-a-glance view of current health issues, including problems and diagnoses, allergies, medications, orders and chronic care information. Detail buttons allow the user to drill into the data, and set up a further medical encounter.

Appointment & Sick Call Scheduling – Appointments can be automatically scheduled for all patient encounters and follow up calls. Users are alerted to scheduling conflicts (e.g. court hearings) and have the ability to bump appointments based on agency-defined priority.

Physician Ordering – Medications are ordered safely and accurately, and sent directly to the pharmacy and to the MAR. Cost-effective medication options based upon your formulary are displayed to the provider based on drug classification. Lab testing allows for a selection of the most cost-effective test or panel to assist the provider in achieving goals.

Medical Encounters – A complete record of all medical appointments created, attended, cancelled or no-shows is maintained. A complete history of each encounter is stored including SOAPE notes, vitals, diagrams, and follow up with the permanent date/time stamp of the author. Industry-compliant data sets facilitate the standard recording of information.

Medication Administration Record (MAR) – Allows the user to record and view medications administered to each offender at the point of administration, using a mobile device. The MAR information is stored as part of the offender’s medical record and is accessible by all medical personnel as needed.

Referrals – A thorough approval process allows the user to request either an outside referral or a non-formulary medication. This allows all relevant information to be at the user’s fingertips and gives easy access to all communications concerning the request.

Dental Encounters & Charting – Provides a detailed overview of each offender's dental health status. Fully-integrated dental charting is also included as well as periodontal examinations.

Tests and Immunization – Complete record of all tests ordered including results, and a record of all immunizations administered is maintained for each offender. Immunizations requiring boosters are automatically predicted.

Drug Interaction – Integrates with Medi-Span for drug allergies and drug contraindications. Contraindications need to be checked at the time of the med order and not hours or days later. Getting contraindication alerts at the time of the medication order is the safest way to order medications.

Workflow Triggers & Messages – Send, receive and automatically trigger workflow tasks and memos. Automatically inform a physician that a lab result is ready, or alert medical staff that a returning inmate has a history of mental health issues.

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