Elite Jails

Know who you have incarcerated.
And how you need to manage them.

Some of the most complex jails in the world rely on Syscon for offender management software.

  • Baltimore County DOC – ADP* 3,000
  • Camden County DOC – ADP 1,800
  • City and County of Denver Sheriff's Department – ADP 2,500
  • Clark County Detention Center – ADP 3,100
  • Erie County Sheriff's Office, Jail Management Division – ADP 1,600
  • Gwinnett County Detention Center – ADP 2,700
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department – ADP 21,600
  • Mecklenburg County Sheriff – ADP 2,800
  • Montgomery County DOCR – ADP 3,100
  • Westchester County DOC – ADP 1,300
  • West Virginia Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority – ADP 3,000

*ADP: Average Daily Population

"By listening to our clients, and blending their business requirements with more than 30 years of global know-how, we’re able to deliver a scalable, flexible set of products tailored to each major level of corrections agency, including parole and probation software."

Brian Day
Director Product Management

Elite Jails

Know who. And how™

The complex business of running a large county jail presents substantial challenges on a daily basis. High volume bookings. High volume movements. Gangs and threats groups. Complex, acute medical needs. Visits. At the front end of the incarceration process, stress and tension is ever-present.

Elite Jails from Syscon provides a comprehensive set of software tools for efficient offender management. Purpose-built for some of the most complex jail systems in the world, Elite Jails is designed to streamline critical, high-volume processes to enable an efficient operation and ensure offender and officer safety. With Elite Jails, your team can do less administration and more of what your environment demands that they do.

Suitable for single- and multiple-facility agencies, Elite Jails scales to thousands of simultaneous users. It offers a complex, role-based security model to ensure that each user sees and has access to only that information for which they have clearance. Built on a highly flexible back end, Elite Jails can be customized to meet the unique business requirements of your agency.

Core components of Elite Jails include:

Booking – Controls the intake or re-entry of an inmate into the system; maintains a central criminal history of all inmates, including detailed demographics.

Housing – Assigns inmates to housing based on agency-defined criteria.

Schedules & Movements – Maintains detailed records of all internal and external scheduled and unscheduled movements.

Imaging – Records single or multiple images of offenders (face, profile, physical marks) using a standard video or digital camera. The captured image is automatically stored with all other offender data in one record to enable single source accessibility.

Programs & Services – Refers offenders to specific internal or external programs, manages offender scheduling for assigned programs, and tracks attendance and performance against agency-defined objectives and measurement criteria.

Court Cases – Records the legal orders authorizing inmate custody, and maintains the custody status of each inmate.

Property Management – Tracks all items of inmate property held by the prison and facility property issued to the inmate; full history of transactions is maintained.

BiometricsSyscon is an authorized vendor of industry standard single fingerprint verification (SFV) technology. Combined with image capture, interfaces with AFIS, and the potential for iris scanning, Elite’s SFV completes a powerful suite of biometric identifiers.

Business Intelligence – Management reports driven off the Syscon data warehouse.

Gangs & Strategic Threat Groups – Versatile gang management and monitoring module including effective Keep Separate functions.

Classification & Case Management – Questionnaire-based classification and assessment tool, plus imprisonment status, case note recording, substance abuse testing, disciplinary or other segregation status, primary officer assignment, and case plan program recommendations.

Incidents and Disciplinary – Used to create a ‘case’ for each reportable incident. Records essential details such as the type of incident, offenders and/or staff involved, location, and action taken. After these details are saved, an incident evaluation may be completed. The incident questionnaire and evaluation process are configurable and can be specific to the incident type being reported.

Visits – Schedules and manages inmate visitation. An authorized visitor list is mandatory.

Integrated Word Processing – Brings all the convenience of Microsoft Word™ directly into the hands of your officers, automatically merging stored data with agency-specific form and letter templates.

Release – Detailed check list of tools to manage inmate release on the assigned or scheduled date.

Automated Counts – Counts functionality includes the ability to capture the jail or prison count at defined periods during the day; submit counts from living units as well as internal locations within the jail.

Transportation – Facilitates the transportation of inmates between jails or facilities for events such as court appearances and medical treatments, helping simplify the scheduling of inmate movements, and reduce staff burden.

Offender Issues – Allows institutions to manage grievances at the inmate-specific level, to track staff members involved with filed grievances, create grievance records and all subsequent grievance transaction records.

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