Corrections Domain Expertise

To deliver mission-critical solutions,
you have to know the mission.

Syscon’s corrections experts have served numerous staff and management roles across all levels of corrections agencies, including:

  • Operations Manager in two maximum security facilities
  • Captain in a large state prison
  • Records Officer in a metropolitan pre-trial center
  • Case Manager for a community corrections agency
  • Probation and Parole Officer for a provincial corrections agency
  • Living Unit Supervisor for a provincial correctional facility
  • Classification Officer for a provincial correctional facility
  • Supervisor Psychologist for a state department of corrections agency
  • Arrivals Officer for a large county jail

"With more than 16 years of experience in various operational roles with Corrections BC, I am able to work closely with our clients and our product specialists to ensure that we are delivering state-of-the-art software to enable efficiency gains within every business process."

Karl Stelting
Solution Consultant

Corrections Domain Expertise

Well over 100 years of corrections agency experience - our experts understand your mission.

Whether it’s a detention facility, a county jail, a state prison system, or a national corrections service, offender management presents a complex series of mission-critical challenges. Many of those challenges are unique and require careful analysis to resolve.

We understand that you seek a partner to address these challenges and provide insights that can only come from a global understanding of corrections. That’s why Syscon Justice Systems takes pride in hiring corrections professionals to help you find the solution you need. With well over 100 years of direct corrections agency experience, our domain experts are actively engaged in client management, product management, business analysis, project management, sales, and client support. 

Rich diverse experience, deployed across our business to help yours – that’s the kind of commitment you can expect from Syscon.

Susan Dean - Solution Consultant

Susan Dean

Solution Consultant

Susan has ten years of experience in community-based corrections, having specialized in rehabilitation programming for male probationers and participants in electronic monitoring programs. She has worked as a case manager and has designed and developed community re-integration programs. Susan has managed projects in Canada for the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, Human Resources Development Canada, Correctional Services Canada and Phoenix Society. Susan was a founding partner of Triangle Community Resources. During a 10-year career with Syscon, Susan has worked as a business analyst and project manager for a number of key client projects, including Nevada Department of Corrections, Denver (Colorado) Sheriff Department, South Dakota Department of Corrections, and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Currently Susan is working closely with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on the planning for a consolidated booking system to streamline the admission process for more than 50 separate police departments in LA County.

Randy Fediuk - Principal SME and BDS

Randy Fediuk

Principal SME and Business Development Specialist

Randy is Syscon’s longest serving employee, with over 26 years of involvement in virtually all aspects of the company. Randy’s corrections agency experience was with Corrections British Columbia, and includes time as a Correctional Officer at maximum and medium security institutions, Pre-trial Services Officer, Admission and Discharge Officer, Probation Interviewer, and Police and Court Liaison Officer. As Syscon’s principal Subject Matter Expert, Randy has implemented systems and provided consulting services to justice agencies around the world. His project experience includes successful implementations in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Africa. Based in London, England, Randy has worked for nearly seven years guiding our projects with Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice. Randy’s expertise includes police arrest and detention, county jails, state and provincial corrections, national prison services, immigration detention, military detention, juvenile custody and community services, adult community supervision, and work release centers.

William Hutto - Account Manager

William Hutto

Account Manager

Bill has a corrections career that spans 29 years, 26 of which were with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He also served as Engineer and Prisoner Transporting in the US Army. With CDCR, Bill held various roles up to and including Captain, and worked in Folsom State Prison, California State Prison – Sacramento, and CDCR headquarters. Among Bill’s specialized experience is management of a statewide transportation operation, development and management of population overcrowding plans, correctional management of caseload evaluation and approval, offender grievance investigation and response at the Directorate level, and management of the extradition unit from different US states and territories.

Bill is one of Syscon’s primary managers on our projects with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and is helping to ensure clarity of LASD’s strategic roadmap within Syscon. Bill has also contributed to our successful implementation with Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tyler Irwin - Business Analyst

Tyler Irwin

Business Analyst

Tyler spent 9 years with Denver Sheriff’s Department, serving as an officer in the Pre-arraignment Detention Facility – now the Downtown Detention Center – and the Primary Intake Facility. His responsibilities included enforcement of departmental and post orders, contraband inspection, observation of offender behavior and health, and movement of offenders and the general public within the facility.

Tyler has been involved as a business analyst for our projects with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and is currently working on the implementation for Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security.

Karl Stelting - Solution Consultant

Karl Stelting

Solution Consultant

Karl’s career serving the corrections profession extends over 28 years, including 16 years with Corrections British Columbia. He served in three different facilities during that time – Vancouver Pre-trial Centre, Surrey Pre-trial Centre, and Oakalla Correctional Facility – and held various roles, including Living Unit Officer, Visits Officer, Control Officer, Records Officer, Classification Officer, and Senior Correctional Officer-Records. He also served on the Emergency Response Team (ERT) for 5 years. A 12-year veteran of Syscon, Karl has become one of the industry’s most skilled sentence calculation experts. He has had direct subject-matter involvement in numerous client deployments, including New Jersey DOC (Institution), Oklahoma DOC (Institution), Westchester County Corrections and Probation (Institution and Community), West Virginia Regional Jail Authority (Institution), Baltimore County Sheriff’s Department, Clark County Sheriff’s Department (Institution), Her Majesty’s Prison Services for England and Wales (Institution), Corrective Services New South Wales, Australia (Institution), Nevada Department of Corrections (Institution and Parole), South Dakota Department of Corrections (Institution/Community/ Juvenile and Parole), Ontario Department of Corrections, Canada (Institution/Community and Juvenile), and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Institution). Karl currently oversees a team of skilled business analysts.