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"Working for Syscon gives me the chance to use the latest enterprise tools to architect software to solve tough business challenges in a very unique market."

Igor Stelmashenko
Enterprise Architect

"I am able to work closely with our clients and our product specialists to ensure that we are delivering state-of-the-art software to enable efficiency gains within every business process."

Karl Stelting


Project Manager (PM)

Reporting Relationship: VP Professional Services
Liaise & Work with: Working with Project Managers (“PM”); PMO Administrator (“PA”); all members of project teams; Clients; Sales Managers (“SM”).
Location: Vancouver, BC

Summary of work:

The PM is responsible for planning, scheduling, estimation, prioritization, and execution of assigned project work. The PM works with the client counterpart to co-ordinate project work between the client, Syscon, and any third party vendors.

Apart from controlling the triple constraints of any project: time, resources and budget; the PM is also the Contract Manager responsible for scope control and the management thereof. PM’s must be familiar with and implement the practices set out in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide for all their projects.

The PM is required to travel to customer sites or other Syscon locations, not their primary place of work, in order to effectively manage their projects, attend meetings, and gather information for Project Management artifacts.

Key Accountabilities, Duties & Responsibilities:

Management of Resources, Timelines & Budgets
Delivery of projects on time and within budget using available resources, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • For all assigned projects, use MS Project software to complete a detailed master project management schedule/plan including both Syscon & client tasks and responsibilities
  • Preparation and maintenance of project management artifacts/documents in accordance with schedule
  • Implement and manage each project, including monitoring the project’s progress to ensure all deliverables are being met in a timely fashion and budget and costs are closely tracked
  • Prepare, communicate, and track internal assignment sheets for all project task assignments to set the expectations for budget and delivery dates for the assigned tasks
  • Communicate project status to the project team on a regular base
  • Complete and submit monthly internal and client project reports showing Red, Yellow and Green status for all significant deliverables by no later than the last day of each month
  • Employ and adhere to the processes and procedures adopted by Syscon for all phases of project work including the Syscon Integrated Lifecycle Version (SILVER) method as well as the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide for projects
  • Manage the timelines of the project in conjunction with other projects and resources
  • Immediately notify management of delays and significant variances against budget
  • Advise the client of time delays as per the contractual obligation
  • Work with Management and other Project Managers to set priorities, and ensure timely deliveries in line with budget
  • Obtain approval from Director Professional Services before agreeing to any significant project schedule changes, or re-base lining of any project plans
  • Adhere to project change control policies, procedures and practices for management of scope growth/creep against original RFP/RFQ/Contract
  • Processing and collection of invoices for deliverables and tracking them until receipt
  • Maintain a profitability spreadsheet for each project under your control and advise the Director of any changes
  • Internal administration duties

Relationship Management

  • Ensure customer satisfaction with project progress, delivered product, and team performance
  • Notify Syscon managers as needed of changes in time lines
  • Communicate with the PM team and Client on an ongoing basis to keep all parties abreast of latest issues
  • Liaise with the Sales team on an ongoing basis
  • Maintain strong client relationships and be a positive representative for the company
  • Travel to client sites to attend meetings for project kick-off and other important occasions such as “go live” and as required to meet other essential time lines or to resolve issues that may arise
  • In instances where the PM is unable to attend the client site for essential meetings or events, ensure another Syscon employee is in attendance
  • Mentor other staff on the project as needed
  • Trouble shoot and resolve issues by being a mediator and problem solver for and between the various parties on the project

Fulfill other related tasks and duties as needed. Participate in continual professional development activities inside and outside the office. Contribute to the continuing improvement and growth of the project management office.

Competencies and Personal Attributes:

  • Communication and writing skills
  • Planning and management skills
  • Thorough, with attention to detail
  • Knowledge and experience with PM processes and methodology, including Knowledge of PMBOK & PMI practices
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member within the Project Management Office
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Calm & Decisive in complex situations
  • Problem solve in deadline driven environment
  • Be honest, fair and transparent in business processes
  • Negotiate and balance all stakeholder interest
  • Manage staff and project teams
  • Knowledge of MS project software
  • Comfortable with public speaking


  • Five years’ knowledge of large-system project management involving multiple executives and stakeholders
  • PMI Certification, preferred